About Carlito's Kitchens and Bathrooms

Based in Southampton

Founded by Carlos Lopez back in 2012, Carlito’s has established itself as a leading provider of “full service” installations to the local community and kitchen & bathroom retailers. Carlito’s can offer you services to transform your home, from the smallest room in the house, and utility room to the grandest of kitchens and bathrooms.

Qualified tradespeople including Gas Safe, NIC EIC, City & Guilds

Project managed to scheduled planned steps

Quality workmanship and finish

Regular communication

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Best Value

We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge to provide you with a tailored service.

Saving Time

We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly.

Within Budget

Work with us, …….. a carefully planned series of steps, centred around a schedule we stick to with regular communication.





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Frequently asked questions

Our kitchen is small can we add an extension?

Subject to planning we can work with our building section and architect to achieve this.

We would like more sockets is this possible?

It is likely we need to install more anyway to bring your kitchen up to code. Our fully qualified electricians can work this out for you

Our walls are rough and wonky will this be a problem?

We can replaster as many walls as you require to give you that lovely smooth finish. We can also cover your ceiling artex to give that modern apperance

Our kitchen is a bit dark, is it possible to add more light?

We can add lights under, inside and on top of cabinets also at floor level on the plinths. Some kitchen styles even have lights part way up the cupboards. Ceiling lights can be changed and spot lights added. Energy saving LED's are very popular and provide lots of light.

Our house is old and we are not sure about the wiring?

Our fully certified electricians will inspect your home to make sure it is compatible with modern appliances. In some cases it might require an up to date consumer unit (fuse box) to make your home comply with regulations. But if rewiring is required this is also achieveable

We are thinking of making our dining room open plan with the kitchen is this possible?

Working with your local building inspector walls can be removed. Our building section can almost always achieve this although it might require some strucural support.

Our gas cooker is not in a very good position could it be moved?

Our fully qualidied gas fitters/plumbers can move your applicances to almost anywhere your designs requires. We can even relocate or replace your boiler if this is in the way. This also applies to sinks, washing machines and dish washers too.

We would like to have tiles on the floor but are not sure if the current floor covering is suitable?

We might have to strip out the current covering to find out what is underneath. At wortst the sub floor can be replaced to support whatever floor covering you desire. Sometimes we add a process called latexing to make the floor nice and level. Particular problem when combining two rooms.

Could we add another window or enlarge the current one?

Our building section could achieve this although it could be subject to builing regs and planning permissions.

I'd like and induction hob to replace the gas one we currently have, would this be a problem?

This should not present any problems our gas fitters and electricians will work together to make this happen. We might need to add another circuit to your fuse board to achieve this as induction hobs are generally quite powerful.